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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fleming's Prime Steak House

RESTAURANT: Fleming's Prime Steak House
SIZE: side
COST: $9.50
This is what overpriced fine dining does with onion rings. Since they are so sheik, I posted two photos, one of them showing the smoked jalapeno aioli (which is basically mayo with chipotle). The sauce was overly smokey, not really spicey, but really good if mixed with ketchup. What amazed me was the uniformity of these HUGE onion rings. They are extra- extra LARGE and covered with panko. They are so big, in fact, that it takes two bites to get through each one width-wize. This would certainly be enough onion rings for four people. Even without the sauce, they themselves had a little bit of a red pepper type of spice kick to them. Our waiter says that he actually dreads when people order the onion rings because of the feat of daring it is to get them to the table perfectly stacked in this harringbone formation. My suggestion if you go to Flemings to try these is to order onion rings, and the chocolate lava cake because it would really go well with them.

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Steve and Madonna said...

Thanks for sharing the Onion Ring Love with us, and bringing us some of the O-Ring Goodness from Flemings!

Onion Ring on!