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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Harden's Hamburgers

Restaurant: Harden's
Location: Tulsa, OK (this was the Sheridan location)
Number and Size of Rings: A huge pile- 19 large
Cost: Large side, $4.50
Harden's requires a flip-top head to eat its famous BOB burger, but as for its onion rings... it takes a bit of determination. These have a VERY UNIQUE batter coating, in that they some how cross the line of crispy into crunchy and then head in the direction of unyielding. They don't look it (they actually look kind of flaky), but these are so miraculously durable. So much so, that you can still get a crunch out of them after a day leftover in the fridge. I kid you not. Each onion is encased in a permanent, protective SHELL!
I asked one of the workers how they made them, and she said, "We cut up them onions and dip them in a fresh batter. Then we fry 'em up." I asked what is in the batter and she said, "We don't know none of that. Nobody knows that for sure 'sep the owners." Then other people in the restaurant started guessing, "Cornmeal?" "No, no cornmeal in there," she said. "Sugar?" "Maybe, dunno." I don't think it's much sugar because they're not THAT sweet. Maybe eggs? Maybe baking powder. It's unknown. They win the prize for the hardest and crunchiest onion rings I've ever experienced, though. Hmmm. HARD- ens. I get it!

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