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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fronimos Greek Cafe

Restaurant: Fronimos Greek Cafe
Location: Tucson, AZ
Number and Size of Rings: A huge pile
Cost: still looking for my receipt!

These have got to be in my top three favorite onion rings of all time. Fronimos makes them by hand fresh when you order them. They have a sign that says, "We CRY FOR YOU"! They have a way of taking very thin onion rings and putting a very thick knobby batter on them, then cooking them perfectly. The salty seasoning is so addictive. The rings always come with plenty of what they call "fry sauce", which is a mayo and ketchup mix. They are heaven next to some moussaka and spanikopita. When I was pregnant with Paul (now age three), we would go to Fronimos after every ob visit. Therefore, Paul has had these since in the womb! Who knew the Greek folks were the best onion ring makers? I will visit again next time I'm in Tucson.

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