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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chilis Onion Strings

LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX
SIZE: side
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: A deep plateful of thin-sliced rings
COST: as a side dish if you ask, not charged separately
Chilis- what has happened to you? I went there expecting an Awesome Blossom, and they have been discontinued! Someone told me that you were making mini- awesome blossoms now, but apparently not at the location I visited. Instead, NO onion rings listed on the menu except for "onion strings" mentioned as a side dish in certain specials. Luckily our server let our kiddo get them as a side in the children's menu. We hit the jackpot as he brought us these. The only problem was, they had NO FLAVOR. They didn't come with a dipping sauce (except the ketchup on our table) and they were bland, bland, bland! I do think they look lovely and had a great texture, but something was missing. So, Chilis menu designers: "Beep! try again!" I guess that's why they aren't exactly featured on the menu.

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