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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oklahoma Hamburger Company/ Reggies Grill, Jenks, OK

RESTAURANT: Oklahoma Hamburger Company/ Reggie's Grill (not sure what the real name is)
LOCATION: Main Street, Jenks, OK
SIZE: Full order
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: enough to fill an entire plate heaping tall
COST:$2.70 after tax
These babies are something special. Very thin cut, they have a good amount of black pepper in them. As peppery as they can be without being too peppery. The onions they use are really sweet, so with the peppery floury coating, they have a nice full flavor. Really worth trying in the onion ring world! And what a total steal for the price- I would have expected to pay at least 4 bucks for these elsewhere. Maybe we shouldn't tell anyone and keep this to ourselves!

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