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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Burger King

LOCATION: Casa Grande, AZ
SIZE: Value menu
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: 10 - one inch and a half- all the same size
The lowest end of the low end fast food onion rings. These are made with diced onions and have very little taste. I would like to call them "placebo onion rings." This is probably why they give out the ZESTY sauce- filled with horseradish and high fructose corn syrup to dip them in- so they have some flavor. But for a buck, who cares! They have also started putting tiny canned-type onion rings on some of their steakhouse burgers, but, although they are salty and crispy, they use so few that it doesn't make a difference in how the burger tastes at all. These onion ring laden burgers are not worth what they cost, for sure.

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