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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion

RESTAURANT: Outback Steakhouse
SIZE: One size
The Bloomin' onion is nothing new in the onion ring world and many restaurants call them by their own different names. I do think Outback has been rather cocky with theirs. I mean, look at this ugly thing. It's overdone, almost too peppery; it has many petals uncoated, and the coating is uneven and floury. But boy is it yummy with their spicy sauce, regardless. One thing about blooming onions is that you pull the petals off and are essentially eating half of the onion petal without breading every time. Then you are so tempted to eat the greasy floury mess left at the bottom. I suggest eating one of these with four people- that way you all get your fill without eating yourselves sick. I also think they cost less if you go eat one before 6PM on their early menu, which is weird because they are only open for dinner, so you only have a small window of opportunity.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Burger King

LOCATION: Casa Grande, AZ
SIZE: Value menu
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: 10 - one inch and a half- all the same size
The lowest end of the low end fast food onion rings. These are made with diced onions and have very little taste. I would like to call them "placebo onion rings." This is probably why they give out the ZESTY sauce- filled with horseradish and high fructose corn syrup to dip them in- so they have some flavor. But for a buck, who cares! They have also started putting tiny canned-type onion rings on some of their steakhouse burgers, but, although they are salty and crispy, they use so few that it doesn't make a difference in how the burger tastes at all. These onion ring laden burgers are not worth what they cost, for sure.

Carls Jr

SIZE: Small
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: 9 rings, 2-3 inches
Carls Jr is famous for sticking a big onion ring on some of their burgers, so they must be pretty awesome. They have a slightly different texture than other fast food onion rings- it's a smooth sort of bumpy- more like a paved and sealed road than a gravel one. Kind of like a pebbled stream bed, but an onion ring coating instead of rocks.

Dairy Queen

SIZE: One size
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: 8 rings, 2-3 inches
These are just what you want out in the middle of nowhere on your road trip! They have that taste of grease that has had a thousand things fried in it. They are sweet with a breadcrumb coating. But, click on the image and check out the grease! These were just floating in a pool of grease. But they tasted mighty fine regardless.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jenks Restaurant

RESTAURANT: Jenks Restaurant and Amazing Clocks
LOCATION: Main Street, Jenks, OK
SIZE: Appetizer order
COST:around $3?
These are what I call the typical "beer battered" onion rings. I've had the same ones at many places. They are sweet, crunchy. . . normal. This restaurant is fun because our three year old likes looking at the moving faces of the clocks. They play songs and go off at intervals throughout. Also, antique shoppers sometimes browse through the store.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oklahoma Hamburger Company/ Reggies Grill, Jenks, OK

RESTAURANT: Oklahoma Hamburger Company/ Reggie's Grill (not sure what the real name is)
LOCATION: Main Street, Jenks, OK
SIZE: Full order
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: enough to fill an entire plate heaping tall
COST:$2.70 after tax
These babies are something special. Very thin cut, they have a good amount of black pepper in them. As peppery as they can be without being too peppery. The onions they use are really sweet, so with the peppery floury coating, they have a nice full flavor. Really worth trying in the onion ring world! And what a total steal for the price- I would have expected to pay at least 4 bucks for these elsewhere. Maybe we shouldn't tell anyone and keep this to ourselves!