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Friday, November 14, 2008


LOCATION: Tulsa, OK and all over the US
SIZE: Regular
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: 6, averaging 3 inches in diameter
COST: $1.69 plus tax
I even got 7 ketchup packets, even though I only used 3.

Sonic must be pretty proud of their onion rings- they have a HUGE neon sign on their drive-ins to advertise them. In many "best of" ratings sites, people have actually voted Sonic as their favorite place for onion rings in several locales.
They are pretty darn good. From the moment they enter your car, it smells like the midway at the state fair. Aside from the most intoxicating onion ring smell around, they have a unique taste and texture. One of the few homemade type looks mixed with a mass-produced type of breadcrumb texture. And the sugar, LOTS and LOTS of sugar is put into the batter of these babies. I would be as bold to say that perhaps even high fructose corn syrup-- anyone reading who works for sonic is free to challenge this assumption. But feel free to look at the nutrition information for these babies on their website. DIABETICS BEWARE. I couldn't have more than 10 grams of sugar in any meal (the regular size has 14 grams) when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes, and could only eat an onion ring or two!

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