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Friday, May 29, 2009

Rib Crib

Restaurant: Rib Crib
Location: Sapulpa, OK
Number and Size of Rings: 6
Cost: $2.59 for a side order
Rib Crib's onion rings are especially good, I think, with their mustardy Carolina Honey BBQ sauce. Our server didn't think so, but she let us dip them in it anyway without making too many faces. They are big and have a crispy panko coating. It's a gentle, friendly panko that crumbles when its time to crumble, but holds the onion in like it should. My favorite thing about these onion rings is that they are probably one of the only things on the menu that don't contain MSG. Not kidding. Old-school Chinese food has nothing on the amount of MSG in Rib Crib's food. At this location, our server thought it was funny that we were asking for "Soda" instead of "Pop" and mentioned, "Y'all aren't from 'round here are ya?" Nope, but I'm enjoying my tour of Oklahoma's lovely abundance of onion rings!
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