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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cafe USA, Sapulpa, OK

Restaurant: Cafe USA
Location: Sapulpa, OK
Number and Size of Rings: 6 large, 5 small
Cost: $4.99 for the "onion ring tower" appetizer
I was a little disappointed because I expected a big tower of some sort, but got a normal-sized unorganized pile. These were quite good homemade tasting onion rings, nice and knobby, not too thick, but still good and hardy. The ranch was super great with them, but they still were a tiny bit greasy (okay, it's not possible to NOT have greasy onion rings that are this good, so it's all relative). They were extremely filling, so much so that we couldn't eat all the rest of our meal. I would suggest just getting them as a side, because for $5, this wasn't much of a bargain compared to other onion ring gangas in the vicinity. The service was super friendly and quick- you couldn't ask for a nicer all-American diner atmosphere.

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