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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weber's Root Beer Stand

RESTAURANT: Weber's Root Beer Stand
SIZE: small
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: about a dozen various larger than 4 inches (no small bits at all)
COST: $3.38
Magnificent examples of probably one of the oldest and best onion ring recipes in the nation. It's like going back in time to an onion ring museum and tasting how onion rings are meant to be! Webers has been making these since 1933, and they are very fresh and hand breaded. The onions are very sweet, and the batter is mild, so they always ask you if you want extra salt, because this place leaves salt on the side for everything. They are great when paired with their unique root beer.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alexia (store bought onion rings)

Alexia Onion Rings
COST: $3.69
11 oz, 3 servings (about 6 onion rings each serving)
I found these in the organics section of a nearby Food Pyramid supermarket (Albertsons to those farther West). Unfortunately, they are not actually organic, but "all natural", probably meaning that they don't put in any funky chemicals or preservatives. Regardless of what it means, these are absolutely the most fabulous store bought frozen onion rings I have ever tried. They are better than homemade and very flavorful and sweet. They are thinner than other brands of store-bought rings, and more crispy because of the panko. The breading turned out PERFECTLY after I baked them in my toaster oven. They aren't greasy, but they do contain a lot of fat (no big surprise here). The only problem I had was that a third of them were broken. This is probably because the checkout guy actually TOSSED them to the bagger and they landed -ker thunk- on the counter. I saw him. What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? Yell, "Hey, you are defiling my onion rings' virginal perfection?" I don't know. I just kept quiet. I baked them as soon as I got home-- I think I could actually hear them calling to me through the bag. They take about 15 minutes to bake- not too shabby.

Chilis Onion Strings

LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX
SIZE: side
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: A deep plateful of thin-sliced rings
COST: as a side dish if you ask, not charged separately
Chilis- what has happened to you? I went there expecting an Awesome Blossom, and they have been discontinued! Someone told me that you were making mini- awesome blossoms now, but apparently not at the location I visited. Instead, NO onion rings listed on the menu except for "onion strings" mentioned as a side dish in certain specials. Luckily our server let our kiddo get them as a side in the children's menu. We hit the jackpot as he brought us these. The only problem was, they had NO FLAVOR. They didn't come with a dipping sauce (except the ketchup on our table) and they were bland, bland, bland! I do think they look lovely and had a great texture, but something was missing. So, Chilis menu designers: "Beep! try again!" I guess that's why they aren't exactly featured on the menu.


RESTAURANT: Whataburger
SIZE: Medium
NUMBER AND SIZE OF RINGS: Various sizes, some very small and puffy
I was prompted to photograph and try these again after getting the following comment from Meeky: Alright Becky, I checked out the Onion Ring Documentary, and I have to say, I'm still disappointed that you have yet to mention one of the greatest fast food onion ring providers of them all. We're talking thickly sliced, sweet, juicy onions surrounded by a marvelously thin, crispy/crusty shell. This is the kind of onion ring you would expect to find in a bar...where can you find these amazing delectibles? WHATABURGER . . . If you haven't tried them, you won't be dissappointed. If you need to try them again, you'll enjoy them, but most importantly, if others truly share your keen awareness of all things fried and delicious, they might like to hear your take on what I consider a fast food delight.
Okay, mister Meeky. I ate them on my recent road trip through El Paso, and I don't think they really hit the spot. I agree that they are very sweet, without a hint of the bitterness that similar beer-batter-type onion rings have. They were also very crispy and delicate. But the insides were super slimey. My three year-old, Paul, is a pro at eating onion rings and he just could not bite these big honking slippery onions as much as he tried. I would say that they are fine specimens, regardless, but not exactly in the cravable category for me. I do think they photograph quite well- look at that indescribable golden hue!